We are Alhussam Umrah

A  company that specializes in Hajj-Umrah services.  We help   pilgrims make their journey to the Holy lands of Makkah and Madinah from various countries around the world.   We are committed to delivering quality and excellence which exceeds expectations.

 We serve our pilgrims through a network of agents around the world, by offering services that ensure their comfort  from the moment they leave their home country and until they return back safely.  We arrange every aspect of their trip for their peace of mind. 

Our Services

Committed to delivering quality and excellence,  we offer a full range of services to our agents around the world, which ensure the spiritual journey of our pilgrims  is an experience to remember.

Complete trip planning

Operational & financial services

Transport services

Issuing Umrah visa

Why Choose Us?

Wide Network

We strive to provide the highest degree of comfort for pilgrims.  We  have many distinctive partners in various fields in Makkah and Madinah. Also, being in business over 60 years, has helped us develop many relationships with companies, agencies and government bodies, as well as establishing affiliate/sister companies in SIAD Holding Co. 


We care about providing a personalised service for all our agents and our pilgrims.

More than 60 years experience

With over  60 years of experience in the fields of Hajj & Umrah, we have the knowledge to ensure our agents and pilgrims receive the best service and experience with us. 

Pioneers in the field

We are considered as one of the leading companies in Umrah services. Always striving to innovate and facilitate processes for our agents – we have developed an online system through which bookings, movements of guests, and customer services tickets can be viewed.  We are also the very first licensed company to offer After Umrah Tourism.

Affordable prices for everyone

We work closely with our agents from all around  the world to provide everyone  with value for money services  that suit their needs.

Multiple options to suit you

With our various packages, you can choose the package that suits you and your needs

Discover Our Post-Umrah Tours

Makkah Tour

Makkah is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam. In its modern period, Makkah has seen tremendous expansion in size and infrastructure, and has become one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the Muslim world.

Tour highlights

Kiswah factory visit to where the drapes of the Kabah are made

Museum of the two holy mosques – a treasure trove of items dating back hundreds of years

Al-Hudaibiya Mosque – a historic landmark where the Hudaibiya Treaty was signed

Jaranah Mosque – a mosque where pilgrims enter into the state of Ihram

Clock Tower Museum – take a journey through time, faith and the universe.

Madinah Tour

Considered to be the second-holiest city in Islam after Makkah, as Madinah was the Prophet Muhammad's destination after his Hijrah from Makkah, and became the capital of a rapidly increasing Muslim Empire. Today, Madinah is considered to be a modern, multi-ethnic city that attracts religious visitors as well as works and scholars from all around the region. 

 Tour highlights

Hijaz Railway Museum – Built on the grounds of the restored Ottoman railway station

Shuhadaa Uhoud – a historical location well known for its religious significance

Quran Printing Press – King Fahad Complex for the printing of the Holy Quran

The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition – a glorified exhibition adjacent to Masjid Al-Nabawi

Date Farm (Arabian Night) Dinner experience the traditional Arabic Hospitality

Jeddah Tour

Visit one of the most vibrant cities in the Hijaz region, situated on the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is considered to be a major urban center and commercial hub of Western Saudi Arabia. The city offers visitors a glimpse of metropolitan living infused with cultural and historical heritage leading back to thousands of years. 

Tour highlights

Jeddah Historical downtown- visit to the old town

Beit Nassif historical structure which was once home to one of the prominent Hijazi families

The floating Mosque - Aisha Mosque – offering a great view of the Red Sea

The Jeddah CornicheCoastal ride along the shores of the Red Sea

Taif Tour


One of the most renowned cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known for its breath-taking views, nature and unparalleled weather all-year around. Located on the slopes of Al-Sarawat Mountains, it is elevated 1,879 m (6,165 ft) above sea level. Taif is the centre of an agricultural area known for its grapes, pomegranate, figs, roses and honey.


Tour highlights

Flower Farm Tour home of the renowned Taif Rose

Abbas Mosque – house of the tomb of Abdullah bin Abbas

Al-Shareef Museum – historical and cultural museum

Fruit Market – a traditional market selling some of Taif’s unparalleled harvest of produce

Desert Camp

Enjoy a full authentic day out in the northern desert sites of Jeddah at Dahaban, where you will experience a breath-taking area of
gorgeous golden sand dunes and desert expanse that will provide visitors with a taste of Bedouin life styles with a flare of modernity.

 Tour highlights

Bedouin Tent – to experience the Arabian hospitality in a traditional setting
Quad Bike
4x4 sand dunning experience
Traditional dinner – Roasted lamb on pit stick
Additional activities – e.g. Hill Hiking, Camelback Riding, Falcon & Games

A glimpse into our history

Sheikh Abdulaziz Khogeer was a self-made entrepreneur and a pioneer in the industry. He was one of the first to offer packaged services between Makkah and Madinah – complete with catering and transportation. He also established “Abdulaziz Khogeer Hotels”

Our Team

We are committed, motivated, cross-cultural, efficient, caring and well experienced.

We work together as a team to give you the best experience possible. 

Abdulaziz Khogeer

Abdulaziz Khogeer

Executive Manager

Taha Marikar

Taha Marikar

Director of Sales & Marketing

AbdulLatif Mustafah

AbdulLatif Mustafah

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mohamed Hamdy

Mohamed Hamdy

Sales Supervisor

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